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13 September 2011 @ 03:37 pm
[Trans] WINK-UP 2011.08 - KAT-TUN  
Hello everyone ^^
This is an interview I was requested by giledelear. I don't have time to read it another time, but if I hadn't concluded and posted it today I wouldn't be able to do so for weeks >__< So here it comes. For the reason I said before, it may sound a bit rough in some parts, please be kind :(

WINK-UP 2011.08


The “SOUND” that has the summer feeling
The wind-bell’s sound. The wind-bell is attached at the veranda all year long, but as expected the sound you hear in summer has a meaning that the other seasons haven’t. Doesn’t wind-bell resonate if they trill during a silent moment? That situation with the resonating sound feels good.

Ueda’s indispensable summer item
Ice cream! I eat a lot! Both as snack and dessert, and I eat it also after having a bath. I buy lots of 100yen ice creams and stock quite a lot of them in the refrigerator. When I was a kid I ate too much ice cream and my old sis was often angry at me. Even though my parents were “I bought them to eat them” and didn’t got angry at all (laughs) After becoming an adult I can eat ice cream as I please. This is a luxury you have being an adult (laughs)

The “small happiness” of summer
The atmosphere at the sea. Exactly that feeling in places like Hawaii, in the middle of heat, where everyone is carefree and moderate. Now I want to go to Hawaii. Until now a friend of mine went to Hawaii and sent me a picture! (laughs) he looked very happy, I was jealous! I want to go to Hawaii, start drinking from evening, and listen to a live performance of a band at the hotel in a drunk status~. If I go, I’ll go with other men. Doesn’t it sound like you can be carefree?

The care that I want girls to have because it’s summer
I want them to wear no sleeves! Girls wearing no sleeves are making a favor to men! (laughs) Not that I force her, but if she wears them, as a man I’m happy! But matching a mini skirt to no sleeves can become bitchy, so on the contrary I’d like her to wear long skirts. Then, if when I say “I’m sweating~ it’s hot!” she gives me an handkerchief saying “here!”, I fall in love! Ah yes, also “Are you feeling hot?”, and fan me with the hand, I’d be happy. It’s so nice~ I want to be treated like this!

Recent happening
I went to see a stage play with the actors that acted with me in my previous stage play. When we went to eat after the show, Irie Kanako-san cheered a member of the cast that was depressed with a “Such days happen too”. This is the same sentence she said to me too a time I was depressed, I felt so nostalgic. Watching the show I received a stimulus of acting, I thought that I want to stand on stage again. About acting, as expected a tragedy is okay. Somehow, I think I don’t want to act as a fun character so much. Moreover, inside of me there’s the willing of making the audience that’s watching cry (laughs)


The “SOUND” that has the summer feeling
The “zazaan” sound of the waves. Probably it’s only a sensation problem, but I’ve got the feeling that in summer and winter has a different sound. After that, the chirp of cicadas. The more the chirps are, the hotter the sensation. Potentially, it becomes “cicada=symbol of heat”. I also like the chirp of evening cicadas in the mornings and evenings. After taking a bath in the evening, going at the veranda with bare chest, watching the dawn listening to the cicada’s chirp, I like it. It’s something I can do only in summer, and it makes me feel good more than anything else.

Tanaka’s indispensable summer item
Bike. When it becomes hot I want to ride it. Touring has the image that feels better doing it on spring or autumn, but I like doing it on summer. I think there’s coolness also in riding a bike in T-shirt and sneakers, not only in leather jackets or boots, as if it was a motor scooter. Wearing half pants and riding it, even if the calf gets hurt for the bike’s muffler, I don’t care at all. I think that’s exactly the feeling, and it’s also the “bond" with the bike (laughs)

The “small happiness” of summer
To be able to wear kimono! In summer even if you dress casually, you walk with geta or seta [leather-soled sandals] it doesn’t have a sense of incongruity like the other seasons, right? It’s uncool to not wear the typical underwear with kimono, but as expected summertime is hot and it’s difficult (laughs). When you pursue the Japanese clothing there’s so much. It’ll be cool to wear kimono when I become an old man, but exactly because now I’ve got this age there’s coolness in wearing and showing it. The way to loose and get accustomed to the kimono, there’s also a sex appeal that you can show when you wear it for a long time. The maintenance isn’t simple and it isn’t cheap, but I consider it a good point to pursue it.

The care that I want girls to have because it’s summer
Attention to the scent. Better not smell of sweat, moreover it’s feminine to pay attention to it. It isn’t necessary to wear perfumes, but I’d like to be considerate at least in using anti-sweat spray. Then I also think it’s questionable to show too much skin because it’s hot. There’s also sexy-ness that doesn’t show, and men are creatures that if they can’t see so much they think “I wonder how will it be?”, and their imagination is stimulated (laughs) Even if there’s a see-through of underwear with dark colors like black or red, I can only think “so pushy~”.

Recent happening
I went to the sport day of my youngest brother. Now he’s in 6th grade and he was the head of the cheering group of the red team. I also was the head of the cheering group so I thought “ah, it’s the blood~”. Together with my old brother we took part at the pull the rope, and even if we are old adults we were pulling the rope very seriously (laughs) I also got along well with a 5-year-old kid in the seat next to me, it was very fun~ I also thought that playing with children is fun.

The “SOUND” that has the summer feeling
The wind-bell sound. Every year when summer arrives I attach the wind bell on the veranda. When the window is open, hearing the “drin drin” of the wind-bell together with the wind sound between the trees I think “ah, it’s summer”. Then the sun’s sound. Actually it isn’t supposed to make a sound, but I feel like he does a sort of scorching sound. I feel it especially when I go to the sea.

Kamenashi’s indispensable summer item
Water in the bathtub! After waking up at the morning I fill the bathtub and almost dive into it. It’s a pleasure, it’s good! I like the water pressure I feel when I’m in the water, the feeling that the body is slightly lighter. This is valid for the water in the bathtub but I also like floating lightly in the sea. How to say, when I’m submerged by water I relax and also have the feeling that my body is being cleaned. It also relieves greatly the fatigue, so bath water, pools and sea are indispensable.

The “small happiness” of summer
The good weather. On my day off, if the weather is good I go outside, but since a day is influenced by the weather at the point that it becomes a day you can’t go outside all day long if it rains, from this little thing [=being good weather] I feel a great happiness. Then, I don’t like rain by day, but I like rain by evening. On good weather days I go surfing from the morning and then come back from sea, and the rain falling down on my way back home makes me feel good. Listening to the sound of the rain in the evening while doing nothing makes me feel better.

The care that I want girls to have because it’s summer
Exactly because it’s a season when the exposure increases, I’d like them to pay attention to their body care. Not giving a sense of cleanliness, not caring nails or skin, as a men I end up noticing it thinking “it would be better if she did it…”, no matter what. The care I’d like her to have towards me… follow my mood (laughs). If waking up there’s nice weather, I go “okay, today let’s go somewhere!”, and being summer I go to places farther than usual, it becomes more an activity. I’d be happy if she follows my extreme/intense spirit.

Recent happening
Recently I really meet more baseball-related people than Johnny’s people. During the baseball job I’m ten times more careful than when I’m KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya, and this year I’m particularly busy so I can do nothing in private… The fun of the present job is old baseball computer games. Since are used on documents at “Going!”, the staff team lent me a copy of all. That feeling of simplicity of that analog is nice~. While playing I can relax… wait, this is baseball-related too. Really, these are "all-baseball" days! (laughs)


The “SOUND” that has the summer feeling
The "zaza" sound of waves! I like that so much. Since I don’t go near the see when it’s not summer, when I hear it I feel “it’s summer, right~”. If it’s a sound I hear during the day, then it’s probably the cicada’s voice. The wind-bell sound is fine too, but with the cicadas I feel the summer more.

Nakamaru’s indispensable summer item
Half pants. Every year I buy and add them, I already went to buy this year ones 3 days before. When I wear half pants, more than thinking about what wearing on top, I’m concerned about what to match on the feet. I often use sneakers also in summer. I already said that with sandals I’m afraid toes will be hurt, but recently I thought “this year, let’s try wearing sandals” and went to buy them. But that time there wasn’t my size… I’ll obtain them and this summer I’ll try to have my sandal debut.

The “small happiness” of summer
The simple feeling you have after taking a shower. That refreshing sense doesn’t stop, right~ In summer, even if you stay at home, you become all sticky at once, right? Then when I feel my skin being sticky I want to take a shower. I don’t do the shampoo every time I wash, so my hair become all curly for the humidity (laughs) but I leave them as they are. Since during summer I am very rough also in clothes, also a rough lifestyle is summer-ish.

The care that I want girls to have because it’s summer
When we go out by car, the fact she buys drinks while I’m taking out the car. Since in hot summers drinks becomes particularly necessary, I’m grateful for it. If she does it voluntary, she really helps me. Like, if she does this for me, inside of me that girl surely takes points! Being caring, it’s impossible that a girl suffers a loss! Parenthesis, actually this kind of care… I’ve never received it by a girl! (Bitter smile)

Recent happening
Recently I’m studying soccer in private time a lot. I’ve become like a physical education student! (laughs) Now, I’m consulting the teacher about the nature of the direction of the thesis, and thinking about it is fun, it can’t be helped. What I’m studying is culture and humanistic faculty, but I was suggested by the teacher “what about taking as theme the showbiz world?”. Now I’m exactly studying media literacy, and I was also told “If you research for 2 years, you can release it as book”, so now I’m totally in this mood (laughs). What I have interest in but are unrelated to the research are “media”, military affairs”, “international situation with East Asia as center”, but outside media there isn’t something I’m good at, and all around the world the media argument is becoming a hot topic too, so I think it’s perfect. Actually, if it will become a book or not… please wait 2 years after I can finish writing my thesis! (laughs)


The “SOUND” that has the summer feeling
The “zaza~” sound of the waves crashing on the shore. As expected, if we talk about summer it’s the sea! This, and I like the cicada voice too. It doesn’t matter how much they chirp, I absolutely don’t think they’re noisy. But if I walk next to cicadas on the ground and they suddenly started to flap and being violent, I flee. Also, even if cicadas pee I flee. Ah, I’ll say it for my honor, it has never happened that they peed on me!

Taguchi’s indispensable summer item
Half pants. As expected denim is hot, and wearing half pants in summer gives a very nice feeling! I also play tennis so I often wear half pants and polo shirts. The ones I use for tennis are mostly plain, but I guess that among the ones I use to go outside I have many camouflage pattern or with some pattern…? Recently I like to match chino half pants with T-Shirts or a vest, and coordinate with slip-on. I wear them even sleeping so on days I don’t have particular activities to do outside home, I wear half pants all day.

The “small happiness” of summer
Being able to see girls wearing a one piece that looks fresh. I like the figure of girls wearing one piece~. Then, also girls wearing sandals! If are the gladiator sandals that were on fashion last year too, I like they arrive 10cm over the ankle. If the length is too much, I end up thinking “it looks like a Greek myth…” (laughs). But anyway, I am incredible to say the word “gladiator” so smoothly, aren’t I? (laughs)

The care that I want girls to have because it’s summer
I’d like she buys me ice cream! I’m happy when I summer I receive as present ice cream. Both high-level ones and ones with popular price. More than everything, the care “giving a cold thing in a hot day” makes me happy~. When I was filming the drama, it happened that Mizugawa (Asami)-san bought a lot of ice as present in a very hot day. I was happy~

Recent happening
I am into a certain robot anime’s soundtrack and I’m listening to it on heavy rotation. It’s a soundtrack in which took part Sugeno Yoko-san, who wrote SMAP’s “not alone – shiawase ni narou yo-“, but this is the best. I really think I would like Sugeno-san to write my song! Whichever song is fine, the music genre is also wide, the use of the orchestra is incredibly good, and she perfectly has the intensity of feelings towards the songs more than anything else… I think I’d be so happy to receive a song written by such a person. If it came to reality, I’d also too do the best performance! If among the readers there’s someone connected do Sugeno-san, please inform her of my love call! (laughs)


This is probably the last translation I can post, from tomorrow I'll be on semi-hiatus for study purposes. :) I have another half-done translation that I don't know when I can finish it >.<
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