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05 June 2015 @ 09:45 pm
[Trans] Kame Camera special - Fascinating Kamenashi Kazuya  
Here the special number, which was published before the number I already posted. This article is longer than a normal Maquia! But it's very very poetic, the journalist really was inspired by Kame's expression during this photoshoot! It felt like translating poetry :) Anyway, enjoy! It's really a beautiful piece (with beautiful pictures).


[T/N: The word the title uses is “to charm, to captivate, to grab someone's feelings and interest”; it sounds like the verb “to show” too, so the literal nuance, referring to the subtitle and the pictures too, is “Kamenashi Kazuya, who shows (himself) and captivates you”. I chose “fascinating”.]


Fascinating Kamenashi Kazuya

The heart, the body, and then the secrets that no one revealed until now ----

Maquia 2015.3_cover

Kamenashi Kazuya : The secret behind the growth

His body shape, the scent he releases, his heart, before realizing it they reached the season of ripening. The secret time that brought about Kamenashi Kazuya's change, and its many SECRET STORIES.

It happened 10 years ago. Brimming with both the naughty rebellious young boy look but also with an appearance that he could crumble down if you only touched him, Kamenashi Kazuya appeared in the world. A slender body which looked like it was about to break, and an offensive yet somewhat lonely stare. People were captivated by that danger, and jolted.
Every moment which passed by, before realizing, the young boy he used to be disappeared somewhere far away.
He matured slowly, and now, he is silently releasing a mature man's scent.
“I don't have a sense of it, but maybe I became an adult. Looking objectively at my body built and expression, I did change. The 'caliber' became bigger, I guess. Heart, body, perception, I can accept many things and can also entrust my whole self to another. I want to investigate thoroughly the natural essence that only I possess. But I don't want to live only for myself.”
An uncontrollable greed, profound contradictions, an unrational destiny: he's not afraid of them anymore. Oddly, the exclusive sacred land inside of him that no one can invade was born and keeps becoming wider, to the point that he opens and presents himself as he is.

Encounters and miracles

It is the end of a cloudy day. The thick cloud silently sweeps and it becomes sunny. The sun which already started sinking in the waves releases its last light and brightly illuminates the surroundings.
“I could savor this light, this air, this moment. It is the 'miracle of encounters'.”
The path he has walked until now was made by those miracles. “Miracles aren't born intentionally. I think miracles are something that you happen to meet unaware, when your earnest feels and passion connect with someone's.”
In order to meet miracles, he ardently lives the present, this moment.

The man and the woman inside of him

Even though his heart and body let you feel his rough masculinity, to the point you'd think you could touch it if you got close to him, in a blink of an eye he reveals a face with which he looks a totally different person. A fascination that wouldn't be an exaggeration to define as “unisex” ----
“I'll tell you a 'secret'. There's a girl living inside of me.”
It's not a joke, he laughs, and after that he adds with a serious face. “I think I was a girl in my previous life. I wear ladies' perfume, I get caught by beautiul things: it is “Her” who enjoys these things. When I touch a girl, when I think of a girl, both the “Man and Woman” inside of me throb”.

How does he become when he is in love?
“I become very selfish. If she looks for me I push her away, I'm a perverse person! But I also think that I'm gentle enough to compensate that (laughs)”
While pouring an endless love like an angel, at the same time he doesn't hide a devilish ego. “The true charm of love is both of them, isn't it? (laughs) I want her to show me all of her unique perceptions and real nature too”.

The loneliness originating from wanting to be loved

In the Southern island we went for the photoshoot, he soaked in the pool alone, in the middle of the night, and looked up at the stars while tasting both the deep silence of loneliness and the unfathomable greed for love.
He has grown up being always loved by the surroundings, and he's also blessed by being able to create happiness with love and thousands of people in one night. Piling up experience, he also gave birth to the sensitivity that allows him to accept his position no matter what people think of him. Nonetheless there are moments when he craves, “I want to be loved more”. That is his karma, and the origin of the light he emits.
“Especially with people who love me, with partners I can trust, I suddenly want to release a bomb, reveal a secret and shock them. It's unconscious, I'm probably checking the other's real intentions. Like, 'Even with such a me, are you okay with this? Do you love me?'”
Even if the more he desires the more he feels lonely, surely, he won't give up on the everlasting love.


Kamenashi Kazuya in JOKER GAME

The movie “Joker Game” which he stars in will open in January. We asked him to talk about his passionate feels about this excellent work which is already called Kamenashi Kazuya's masterpiece.

special white

The most entertaining spy movie, even without “Kamenashi Kazuya”

“I want you to watch this movie while taking away the “Kamenashi Kazuya” name for once, and enjoy it as a movie with a nameless young actor playing theprotagonist. Because it's a movie that both people who have interest in me, and on the contrary people that don't like me, will surely enjoy. Yes, it's an objectively interesting movie, to the point that the very person in discussion can say it! (laughs) You can taste both the satisfaction of having watched a good movie, and the dissatisfaction of wanting to merge more in that world.”

Indeed, there are 108 minutes where the story keeps the audience's heart well caught, and which end in a blink of an eye. “Joker Game” is a spy action movie, a genre still unusual in Japan. It has a fast and full story, complicated tricks, top score impressive action scenes that don't rely on computer graphics, etc... The newcomer spy, Kato, who stands in the middle of that screen, has the elegance, physique, and abilities similar to that of 007's James Bond. Exactly the perfect role for Kamenashi Kazuya!

“Because director Irie said “For a spy movie the protagonist must be cool”, he was putting a lot of effort in filming me in a cool way every time (laughs) Also the technique and sense of the cameramen is great. I was moved by every single one-cut scene. I got to know it later, but among them was a great veteran who filmed all the movies Kitano Takeshi directed. Of course the director, but also the national and overseas staff are tackling their job with all their might. I think it was an incredibly great filming place.”

Kamenashi too, in order to create the character, tackled a hard body-shaping as first priority. That was almost one year ago. While being very busy with other movies and drama filmings, focusing on a diet based on vegetables and hydrogen water, yet still being careful not to lose the muscles he needed for the action scenes, he trained his body daily. “But I'm not doing anything special. Actually I wanted to go to the gym, but I absolutely had no time to prepare the character. I was doing abdominal and back muscles exercises in the free time between works. Then while I was awake I was always doing draw-in exercises: putting strength in my lower abdomen and breathing. But maybe that was good, on the contrary. I was continuously driven into a corner like a spy, and I could increase the sense of tension and consciousness toward the movie.”

It's because the “heart” is in the filming place that a movie can become art.

In order to act as a spy working overseas, a lot of many other skills were necessary. English and Chinese, aikido, how to take a gun apart, how to type morse, etc. I heard that he learnt all of those in a very short span of time and faster than anyone else, and surprised the staff. “I normally do a lot of works while being pressed by time, so I guess I just made good use of my 'jack-of-all-trades and master of none' side (laughs) But you know, I think it was thanks to the encounter of great staff and cast. What I think in doing this kind of job is that nothing comes to life with only my feelings. While answering to each other's feelings, something unexpected will come to life. In the job of creating something, you must use your head and skills completely, and while entertaining the audience you also have to produce some profit. But at the filming place the ratio controlled by the heart is also big. It's because everyone uses their skills and their heart at the fullest that the creation can become art, in my opinion”.

In my beloved cinema world, I'm more than zero and less than one.

“A movie director bets his whole life without any warranty and challenges the movie each time. If I enter into contact I can sympathize a lot, and I'm moved by it. Because I'm a person who reacts more to the more feelings exposed by the person in front of me. This time too, it's because I felt Director Irie's strong feelings on my skin, that I could entrust him everything, and could challenge all the scenes at full force.”

The emotion that even now hasn't cooled down can be felt from every single word. What implications does this movie have for him, which is the 5th one he has played a part in?

“I still don't know it, but I feel that this movie will become the “trigger” that will greatly change something inside of me. I want to continue doing movies, and in these years that wish became reality. This is the 3rd movie without any dorama connection. 2 years ago, Director Miki who I admire and his “Ore Ore” destroyed the “KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya” who until that moment had lived as an idol. With “Vancouver no Asahi” I was directed by Director Ishii Yuya who is carrying on his shoulders the next generation of the cinema world, and I could act together with Tsumabuki-kun who has always acted in movies. Then, with this movie, together with Director Irie who is creating the next generation too, I could share a big challenge and many first experiences. I think that in the cinema world, I'm still more than zero but less than one. I'm glad that I could have had these many great encounters despite being such a newcomer actor, so I want to keep movies dear from now on too.”

Kame’s fixed point of observation


(T/N: The pictures are from right to left)

1 – The day I cut my hair, before the movie filming started. I had director Irie standing by, and I cut drastically.
2-It was the first time I was wearing a soldier uniform so [I took this picture as] memory. It was quite a hard scene to film. Plus it was full winter, it was cold!
3- There were also many scenes where I was covered with injuries. I also had a big wound created with special make-up on the back.
4-Together with Jasper Bagg who acted with me. He actually has a shy side too. Once he opened up, he was a funny guy.
5-During the movie filming, they were always with me!
6-The photography hall Kato Jiro owns. The set was a huge fabrication, it was so exciting and such an incentive!


I'll give you a BONUS: behind-the-scenes from MAQUIA's twitter account! ^_^

(from Journalist'a tweet) Going for a travel, in a different space and dimension he shows us a special face. The air and feelings of that place, he honestly replies to them without limits; I thought this once again. I wrote down the stories that spun around that day, and the secrets inside of him. The photoshoot is more sensual than nude pictures.

(4) Breakfast was a quick fruits and juice and we started from the bed scene. In the early morning light he revealed a whole natural sexiness! All female staff commented continuously “yes, pretty!!!” while he smiled bitterly “I'm a man though...” (XDDDDDDDDDD)
(5) What Kamenashi-san was listening to during the photoshoot titled “your present mood” were many nostalgic Carpenters' songs. During the break time he was teaching abs exercises to the staff or doing stretches on the bed. That was so sexy too that he said “shall I write a book on sexy exercises?”
(6) We could hear his famous solo song “hanasanaide ai” many times while he was in his waiting room. He was checking the new single “DoA” without having lunch.
(7) Private beach: He only said “it's almost time...”, he smiled, and he went into the sea. The cameraman too, even getting wet, was taking lots of pics! “the water is warm!”, he laughed.
(8) After the photoshot at the beach, Kamenashi-san went back to his room and took a bath. In that time, a good sunlight came up. “Let's take now!”, he jumped outside the bathroom and we had a photo session as he came out from the bathtub. Sun was this sexiness' ally.
(10) While in a white shirt and hat there were some “cool~” voices. A cute 4-year-old boy who was in the pillar's shadow attended the photoshoot. Then the comments changed into “kawaii♥”. Kamenashi-san is beautiful to even young eyes.
Natsu4koori on June 5th, 2015 01:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you! ♥
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I do believe there is a woman inside of kame chan~
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stefainastefaina on June 6th, 2015 04:39 am (UTC)
Thank you very, very much for translating each number of Maquia. I am always surprised by the different images that people that work with Kame have of him, because they always seem to be true. This is why, for me, the most extraordinary thing would be to be able to see Kame working, creating, interacting with others.
In the same time his self awareness is stunning. He seems to gifted in being himself in capturing it in words.
Thank you.
crism79: KAT-TUN Kame smilingcrism79 on June 6th, 2015 10:26 am (UTC)
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This man is so precious ❤

First he says himself that there is a woman inside of him and then he complains when he's called pretty ;-)

Through these issues we can see how beautiful he is inside and outside and it is thanks to you that we can read his thoughts.
Thank you so much Isi for always translating Kame's Maquia.
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